Friday, December 25, 2015

A New Start

Well i got sick and had to sell the place in texas , and moved to northern californa . living on a small homestead out side of red bluff , snow covered mointoins all around . my email Thank's

Monday, June 3, 2013

life changing event

Hi everyone , Thank You All For All Your Help . Sorry it has taken so long to get back on here . On 8-1-11 i had gone to work at brookshires working in the veggy depatment , 2 hours no problem , then my stomic started herting . i went to hospital and thay sent me 2 hours , to a bigger hospital . I woke up a week later and thay sead i had cancer and need to go on dieaises . The last few years have been hard , a few verynice people have come to help , and then the last 2 people have been very bad , mostly drinking them self to death . but thay have moved on . Now it just me the dogs and chicken .The oxen and dairy doats i had to sell , i was not able after coming out of the hospital to care for them , and i had no help . If i cant find some partners soon , this place too will have to be sold . If you can help you can call me at 409-625-3641 or sabine homestead , PO Box 5 , hemphill texas 75948    THANK YOU ALL ,  mike  , PS my cancer is in remishen and im feeling and doing much better , call partnerships needed

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If you have not seen are web site take a look , . The garden is starting off well , planted Tomatos , peppers and cellontro in to bigger pots . The baby chicks [ barred rocks ] have grown in to some nice big birds and hopefully will start laying in another month .

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has sprung

I shure am Thankfull for the trees and shrubes that the peple living here planted , that are all in full bloom . Not having the money for flowering plants , would not have planted them , enstead l panting fruit tree , with what money i had , but it shure looks and smells very Nice .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New milking stand finished

The new milking stand is finished and the 7 gallon cheese Vat for making biger batches of cheese has arived . the 5 doe babys are almost weened . Its time to try making hard sharp cedder cheese , now that i have every thang . Tilling up the garden and planting , but slow going with just me , shure need some help . Now have all fenceing for new farming area , just got to get it up . Looks like we will need to set up Hog Trap , saw new hog rooting in new farm area .Lake has come up about 6 feet and the fishermen are realy here , all boat ramps full , and im hering the fishing is real good . Leaveled out the milking loffing area and put more cement pavers down . It Shure is nice to get some more rain .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Projects for this year

* Contenue to , test making cheeses
* set up hoop green house
* grow vegys for are farm stand
* Grow bigger patch of surghum to make about 10 gallons surhup
* set up surghum mill
* train oxen to mill
* build new chicken house
* canning unsold vegys
* plow farm area with oxen
* set up 15 ft swimming pool with rain water catchment , back up water for garden
* set up garage for sales area
* build green house
* build fence around farm area
* log fire wood for next year out of forest with oxen
some of these are alraedy started or we have most of what we need to start them . What would realy help is some investores , partners , or others that see what im trying to set up here , a place of safty , well being and secquity of working together .

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I made Some Lemon Cheese

Today i tryed making some Lemon Cheese , it was very ezy , Just 1/2 gallon Goat's Milk and 1 Lemon . It is very good , im realy looking forward to making sevral kinds of cheddar cheese , like jalapena cheddar , also i would like to make some wheels of monterey jack and parmesan . That will have to wait untell i sell all the baby bucks in about a month , then ill have lots more milk . Did some weeding on the carrits and roman lettice , those baby carrits are real good tasting and tender , Thanks Frank for planting them .